AdMob - there Is no ad when i try my app

Ho kodular,
I have a problem with admob

I’ve made resgistration on admob. resgistered with all data and the confirmation.
I added an app and created a banner.
I put the code in my app.
I’ve completed also kodular subscription and monetization is approvded.

When i try admob in test mode everything works fine, but in normale mode the banner always empty.

I’ve also waited 3 days buy bothing.

Do you have any suggestioni?

I didn’t put the app in play store yet. Can be a problem?

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What type of app is yours.

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What do you mean?
Is an app for manage a collection.
There are table arrangement, checkbox and textbox. Is my first app so Is very simple.

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have u created mediation group for your ad id’s

But I’ve done It Just now.
Have I to wait before i can see ads?

Check the status of your group if it is showing active then ads will start to show up in your app

The group is on Active but there’s no ad…

check out your policy centre if there are some policy violation

No policy violations.

But now, aftew like 12 hours, everything is working fine.

I don’t know why, but at this point is the same :smiley:

Thank you for your support!