Admob unable to accept

I received this mail today from admob
can anyone help me how to get out of this

You will need to make an app that follows their guidelines.

What is your app?

Post a link to it please so we can check it out.


Veterinary_Books.apk - Google Drive Here u will find my application

First screen where i have show banner ad at bottom this is books categories

secod screen shows my books with bannr ad at third screen where book open i have add interstitial add when some one will open this ad will be open and also i have added banner ad there

@asimjib93 look here i have placed banner ad at bottom…

Waiting for 3+ minutes and PDF is still opening…

Not understand

Didnt understand

I guess Admob found no content in your app.

So how to resolve this issue

Try loading content fast. Hopefully, probelm will be solved.

I can also confirm the loading problem. When I click on a book it loads but nothing happens although the ads can still be seen. I left my phone on for 5 minutes but nothing was loaded.