Ads approval Rejected ! Help needed!

I had send approval for ads few days ago and it got rejected stating

" The app you submitted for ads review at Kodular was rejected, probably because of low quality content or not following our guidelines.
You can re-submit this app after making some changes."

I had made IELTS ( preparation of English exam )Application for students.
I had made few slides and was not total completed.
So do I need to complete the whole Application and the send for approval or I can do in advance ?
Plz help me out

Why do you think it is strange when you try to monetize a not completed app? How does your app look like. Does it contain a lot of links to other websites? Changes are you are still not allowed to monetize because we see a lot of these kind of apps.

So do you mean that I have to complete the app and then request for approval?

Another thing to ask. Now I am not able to request again for approval .
How to request approval for second time ? There is no option to request again.
Kindly guide me as my application is now almost completed

Like i said why should you app be approved when it is not ready? I can not guide you. I never used this system. Search the community, this has been asked before.

You should make sure your app is complete before requesting approval again. Also make sure you take a read of our monetisation guidelines: