Ads are not showing

Why are ads not appearing


That can take up to 10 days.

What do you see when you run your app?

Nothing appears, it just opens

What opens. You have to be clear when explaining what happens. Show a screenshot.What does your app do?

I mean, ads are not showing up, and this is a screenshot of the app


We are not able to help you if you don’t give clear info.


I don’t know the cause of this problem, ads are not showing
Look at the pictures to find out the problem

After reading the documentation:
You would know that you should use this event to detect that your ad has been loaded so you can show it:thinking:
Also, why you load the ad, and then switch the screen :grimacing:


look at this

You are trying to show the ad before it hasn’t been loaded:

Also, or leave a screen, see also here:

I am Egyptian. Can I have your phone number to communicate on WhatsApp or Telegram?

Unfortunately, Sharing personal information isn’t allowed here.Anyway , i’m not familiar with Ads :sweat_smile:.But you can just try to show ads in Ad Loaded event.

thank you for your help

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