Ads are showing in kodular live but not showing in installed app?

recently I got my app approved by kodular team to show ads but ads are not showing in app. These ads are working in kodular live.

Use the error event and look what the error message tells you

what is error event? Sorry for question but it will be help for me.

Just look at the component blocks. Then you will see the event block.

And if you search the forum you will also find info.

do this, and see what error does it show


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I am using ad in horizontal arrangment, when i am testing my app in kodular live then it works perfectly but when i install it on mobile then it automaticlly hides the arrangements.

@Mika, sir it is showing this error,
ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to the lacks of ad inventory.

And now you have the answer found by yourself.
Just google now what the message means.

By the way it looks like you have never used the community search function because if you ever had used it you would already found the answer.


i just don’t understand why some users or beginners never like to use the search function! almost every DEV. problem have been solved already; all you need to do is to find the thread and put your question there but they will not do that