Ads frequency control extension

Is there any extension which can count clicks or ad shown ?
if not, Can someone make a extension which counts number of clicks or ads shown with two constraint time and ads shown ?
Currently, I’m facing a major issue, i have admob adlimit. So, i want to use other ad network but they don’t have a frequency control in dashboard. I get too many ad request and i dont want to show more than 2-3 ads per session. I made a function/procedure to control it but that is only applicable for particular screen.
How can i make a single global variable for whole app?

when opening another screen use open screen with start value get global ads shown
and then in another screen u can use set ads shown to get start value … alternatively you can use -
tinydb or
[F/OS] Static Variable Extension || An extension for creating static variables in App


I will try this, i believe this can solve the problem.
Thank you.

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You can also store a value in tiny db for other screen, get value in other screen by tag in variable or etc

Thank you, extension given above can solve the issue

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