Ads in OneSignal notifications that is don’t push

I have published App on play store. I have used OneSignal to push notifications.

Problem is, my users are receiving ads in notifications. I don’t send any messages or any link using OneSignal. It happens automatically. How can I turn off this ads.
I am using free OneSignal as well as Free kodular…

I am sure that the problem is with OneSignal not with you using free kodular.

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Read This -
First, users must agree to receive a push notification from a website. Ads get delivered in the form of notification to the user’s mobile or desktop devices, even when they are not browsing. When they click the notification, users go to the promoted landing page or directly to the offer.

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The only solution is that you upgrade to the Pro Membership
or you could like for another push notification service which doesn’t deliver advertisements.

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Hi. I work at OneSignal. We would never send ads in notifications. Your OneSignal account may be compromised. Please update your password and API keys as soon as possible.