Ads not showing if publishing

I had made an app on kodular and placed ads in it. I had also approved it from kodular and ads were showing successfully but as soon as I published it in playstore ads were not showing what to do and error was lack of ad inventory .

Still when I install apk directly it shows ads but not when I install from play store

Search the forum, this issue has been dealt with many times.

I saw full forum but not got this issue anywhere

Are you joking?

Search for “admob lack of inventory”. There are so many topics about it.

Admob ads are not showing this is because of App Signing by Google Play is enabled for this app. I am having the same problem. ads are showing if app is signed with kodular provided keystore but after published to play store and Signing by Google Play, ads stop showing

please help me why ads not showing if app is signed by another keystore (Google Play Signature)

Please check this: