Ads: rules and limits


I’m looking for that but I can’t found recent information.

  1. What’s the limit of banners to be displayed in one screen?

1.1. And if they are displayed on diferent arrangement’s? (Not shown at the same time)

  1. What’s the limit of interstitials to have in one screen?

  2. How to set the same interstitial to be shown when you click a button and when the clock get’s the time?

  3. Where I can read the limits of the publicity in google’s rules???

Thanks to who can help.

here go & read.

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Thanks Alapjeet but I don’t understand your first answer.

And thank’s for the link but it don’t gives me information about banners :confused:

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There are different page for every ads set up so just search in google & you will get the ans.

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