Ads sdk's and Kodular update

Hey hello Kodular team I would like to know when there will be going to an next update for Kodular because there are lost of things that’s needs update and improvement and one of them is ads sdks are you planing to update the sdks or they will be updated when the ad network update there sdks more. Is it Kodular going to be using old sdks all the time?

This is just a question hope you can answer because I don’t think it’s only I who is having issues with this. I do develop apps in your platform and it’s amazing but lately i was not able to pay my bills because of ad network are not giving enough revenue were they use you give i know this place is for educational porpoise but still some of us rely on your platform to complete there family needs.

That’s all I have to say. Please don’t think that im demanding something I have no rights to do that. Hope you can answer soon thank for your platform.


I am waiting too :confused:


I think the least of your concerns should be Ad SDKs.

I think the Kodular team should have the courtesy to update on the progress of the new update to the users at least. It may not necessary every time, but it is said to be given the update by last February which is almost two months’ time gone by now. We know the struggle, we know how hard it is. But we prefer an update from the Kodular team.

Actually, Kodular is for commercial purposes. MIT AI2 is the educational builder.

Kodular can be anything you want it to be. No need to categorize it as commerical or educational.

It can’t be a toaster.

Well you see, it can be a toaster when it runs slow :upside_down_face: