Ads showing problem

Recently before two days my app was approved for ads by kodulor ads approval system then when I connect to companion I can see my ads showing and also loading without and problem after I export my app and open it no ads started showing even my match rate in admob is 100% plz can someone one help me, even I tryed blocks to check why ads failed to load no problem found can some one plz help in on this issue

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it will be resolved when your app gains users, admob ads require content rich apps and ads are served on quality traffic (mostly)

Hi @telugutrendz1 , welcome to the community. Please read this before you ask a question on community:- How to ask a question?


this question has been discussed various times on community. Search for it.

As you’re new here, all I would say to use When Ad Failed to Load block to identify the problem. Hope, this will help.

he said he already checked it, read carefully

No, he is not! There is mast be a problem happening.

Are you sure that my getting users ads start running

If everything is fine and still Admob is not serving ads on your app, then this could have several reasons!
I hope your app is not an earning app and it has a good look. Moreover, your app contents are good.

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Share your app link here

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Can’t install. Package parsing problem…

Use install anyway option


Has I shared few screen shots of apk file

It is showing parsing problem because of lower Android version

But my device is running on 8.1

I just wanted to know why my ads are not working even after approval and also by blocks settled for failed mode

Are you sure your codings are correc??

Ya iam sure even in companion ads are working smooth where has after export ads aren’t working

Can you please show the blocks you used to check error?

Same problem. Error while parsing the package.