Advance Search System - Find Multiple List Item [List Addons] [Extension] [FREE]

Advance Search System - Find Multiple List Item [List Addons] [Extension] [FREE]

One more simple extension, but it has advance search system. You can get index list by search from given list.

The main features of this extension, you can search two list by one String and order list by list. This features is very useful to make a list view.
When we make list view by multiple list, we have to do for each item loop again and again. And that’s why our app working slowly.

This is solution for this type of problem. You just search one time but you can filter two list by same order.

If you can understand this, it’ll be very and very useful for you.

  • Let’s See Total Blocks - This extension have only three blocks.

yo.Jewel.SearchList.aix (6.7 KB)

  • What is Index Filter? You can search any list by String and get index list.

  • What is OrderByListSearch? You can search two list by same String and get a new list by same order.

  • Search A normal search system. It’s return list.

  • Let’s See Demo With Example -

Let’s Enjoy…

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    Shouldn’t this also return index 10?

    Another way to do :point_down:t2: is using a dictionary and search option. No need for main list and sub-list.


    Nice extension. Most useful.

    I achieved filter list view, using some loop logic but your extension made the work very easy.

    My logic:

    Nice Extension :wink: :

    thanks a lot dear

    thanks for your love

    I didn’t understood you, please explain more

    Please show aix link

    Read post carefully, link on post

    thanks for this extension
    Please make video tutorials for this extension
    . Or aia file.

    Yes, I’ll bring a tutorial about it.

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    Instead of using your List and SubList filter block and creating two different lists, usign 1 dictionary and simple filter index will work.

    please explain more

    Great extension.
    I need these for 3 SubLists :wink:

    For the display of the highscore, I took the name of the point list, date list and level list

    Can you expand your extension to 3 sublists?

    Extension can return only one list, so you have to use it two or three time as you need.

    I understand your problem.
    Solution -

    No need to expand sublist. Use it with main list again and again.

    Main List = MainList
    Sub List = PointList


    Main List = MainList
    Sub List = LevelList


    Main List = MainList
    Sub List = DateList

    Use Three Different Variable To Store List

    I have the same problem , when I search in a list the list dont return the last item of the list where I search .
    in a list
    if I search “b” the new list dont have the last item “bd”

    Yup, I guess @JEWEL shouls have a look into this issue

    so many helpful