Advanced NEWS APP AIA FILE ( Add your own news ) ( PAID )

Hello guys,
I developed an advance NEWS app using my friend Deep host list view extension. User can add their own unlimited news and news categories in the application.

Contact me to get the app aia file :
on Whatsapp : +918744958220 or
Email : [email protected]

APK link :

Platform used : Kodular
Price : Rs 700 ( Less for Students ) or
20 dollars via Paypal

Paytm number : 8744958220
Paypal : PayPal.Me

I used few more extensions in app which are as follows :
Dialog extension by @Vishwas
Animation Extension by Deep Host.

Here are the details of the application :
Admin can add their own news in application with unlimited categories and news.
High Quality Application connected with airtable.
Option for adding Breaking News in the top of the list .
"Add to Favourite " option is added in app to save news in application.
Saving and sharing option for each news is present in the application.

Promo Video :

Screenshots of application :

Thanks to kodular team for providing such useful platform.

Hitesh K. Yadav
Dafaq Developers


im getting lots of personal queries about the apps so i would like to clear that its now webviewer. its extension based application

This user is a cheater. It does not respond to whatsapp messages in any way. He has another username. DAFAQ

well this doesnt seems right. i always reply. give me your whatsapp number . i definitly respond to messages.
you should privately message your problems :slight_smile:

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