After 1 min close screen, to save battery

Hi all,

I would like to turn off the screen after 1 minute of inactivity.

How to do it?


I think it is possible with clock timer and Activity starter.

Only the user can do so in the settings app.

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@Mateja is correct, you cannot turn off the screen programmatically. But you can change the screen (background) to black after 1 minute using a timer.

If you are not using PhoneWakeState lock then the screen will turn off based on the device setting. There is no API to turn off the screen.”

See eg here:


Well techincally, that isn’t turning off the screen.

Conclusion: it is impossible

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Any prove that this saves battery’s energy?

Of course, but …

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Read Carefully

it says for many devices, you can’t save battery life by using a black bg if it’s not OLED.

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You should read carefully:


Thank you all.

Nice discusion!!

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