After a while Kodular closes the session

Describe your issue

While working with blocks, Kodular closes the session unexpectedly.

Expected Behaviour

Do not sign out

Android version

Ohhhh great this also happens with AppyBuilder.

Can you further explain the issue?

Hello, just when I spent some time configuring blocks, approximately one hour, unexpectedly a notification tells me that the session has expired and tells me to reload to continue. Luckily, the changes made are saved.


While we work on blocks kodular shows a dialog showing that session has expired and we have to reload the page again…

When admins update Kodular, (like new version) you will get a notification because Kodular was upgraded. This is not bug, don’t worry.

True however, I have not experienced this at all on :kodular:



This is now fixed for Kodular Creator 1.3.2, don’t worry

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Thanks you, Diego

I was heaving the same. @Diego did you just removed it or extended the time for season?

I made both session renew time and cookie expire time the same, so when that error happens you will be prompted to login again (after 24h without any activity)
So this prevents that error


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