After Add Icon App Not Exporting!

Do you have any Idea, how to set any icon for makeroid app?
because when We add icon for makeroid app then app makeroid show someone cut the power.

when we click on view log then show this

This Probleme Faced many other people also.
So @Kodular Team Please Help Us.

What is the size of your app icon?

I think its too big. please use a 96 x 96 png image.


at this time i am using 512 x 512
but as you say its big so i am use 96 x 96 and it work fine.
but please fix this 96 x 96 is too small. so it hard to design logo.

You dont have to fix this. 96 x 96 is big enough. Use a graphics programm to make it smaller after designing.