After changing security rules I am not able to access the firebase database why..?

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Security rule will work if you enabled firebase authetication

how can i unable that

which means???

better see to this…

I want to put sign in method Anonymous i.e Guest that require authentication without requiring users to sign in first by creating temporary anonymous accounts. If the user later chooses to sign up, you can upgrade the anonymous account to a regular account, so the user can continue where they left off.

Is anybody here to help?

See the rule, just below you have added both are true. So however tag you use next to that all will set as both functions are true only


how can i set blocks blocks for Anonymous Authentication in kodular to access firebase realtime database

I am waiting to someone answer me

Read slowly this tutorial then design your logic

I dont want login by user first user will enter as anonymous so Anonymous authentication will be applied to him to access data

anyone answer plz.?

Please be patient. You keep making posts then soon after that asking for help again. People will help you if and when they can. You are basically spamming at this point.

its more than 2 hour it’s obvious to msg again ,how much one can patient

Nobody is your slave. You need to remain patient until someone answers. It may take hours, days or weeks. You might never even receive an answer. But you can’t just keep spamming the forum expecting people to be at your beck and call.

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if it take days and weeks then there is no means of community to ask any questions

plenty of topics are here still unanswered. None of them are complaining regarding that. You can google or can search in community instead of waiting answer for here. Kodular is a wounderful place place where you can convert your own ideas into blocks. Design your idea first and convert into blocks, test it. All will fail in their first attempt. But keep on try

If peoples are interest with your query they will answer but multiple times it was answered mean how koders will response again and again… So search is your best friend than any other thing…

If user posts query there is no mandatory to give suggestion immediately. There is no paid koders, prokoders, moderators are here. You will get everything here as free.

Enabling or disabling the firebase auth does not affect with your database security rules
@Vikas_Kumar3 May you please pm me or elaborate your issue Maybe I can help you

I Have Same Issue I Debugged Main Issue First I Created Account When Firebase Rules Are True And When I Set auth.uid != null then it is not creating project bucket of user id help in this please