After kodular new update app not opening

After new update of kodular and after unity ads bugs fixed app is not opening after building apk .

And how should we know what you are try to do?!
Do you think your topic contains any usefull information?

I mean to say i used start app banner ad in app but it is not working but when i built apk without using it then my app was working fine

Hi @rajgomia25!
It is advised that you provide as much relevant information as possible so that we can help resolve the issue quicker.

What do you mean by “not working” exactly ?
Does the app fail to install ?
Or it installs, but fails to open ?
Crashes on start ? Crashes on performing certain actions ?
Is there any error message ?
Are you sure you don’t have any errors in the blocks ?
I can only guess based on such vague detail as “not working”.

Please try to provide more details on the issue.

Read this guide:-

I also have the App crash problem. After update by kodular ( New commission system), app crashing is frequently happens. My apk fileSize increase (+400kb) after a miner change (due to new update in kodular), and after this Crash happens. The Old apk (before update) is working very well.

I tried to understand to app crash reason I observed :
when admob banner ad is requested (i am using admob banner ad only) or banner ad is just loaded then if user close the app then in next time app opening there are many chances of app crashes on ad-request
example: i request ad after 15 sec. of app opening. and if user close the app after 15-18 secs then if user opens the app again , then after 15 sec. app crashes

Kodular must fix the bugs in new update.

It was also showing to me.But when I removed Start App Banner ads it is not showing.
I think there is a bug with Start App Ads because app works fine with extension.

StartAppBanner visibility has to be always true. If you set it to false in the common properties the app won’t open/crash.

My app is also crashing again & again. I did not use startapp banner. I think there is an issue in admob banner after new update. Previous version of my app with same blocks and components working fine.

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Can you please send an APK file so we can debug it??
We are not magicians to magically fix it…