After many iterations my app lost sounds, still working but no sounds

What is the name of your app?

Aprender_Colores (Spanish) “Learning colors”

Describe your app:

Main screen to practice name of colors, ten more screens to practice what children learned. Many sounds for child learning by ear.

AIA file (Optional)

Aprender_Colores.aia (566.1 KB)

I think my android blocked the sounds for some reason, somebody know why or what could be happening ?

First of all since you are using so many screens , do you switch screens correctly? Cause often problems might occur. See below post

Also are you using the player component or the sound component? Cause player component should be used for playing longer sounds

I’m using both, player component only for two long sounds and sound component for shorter sounds.

Hello dora_paz, thanks for tour quick response, I’m not closing screens when switching, I’ll include this in my code. I’ll Let you know the result.

You need only 1 Sound and 2 Player components. Set the Sound.Source by blocks. Also you need only a maximum of 2 screens.

And switch the screens correctly.


Thanks bodymindpower, that’s a excellent feedback, I will apply your support.

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