After selling me the extension he dont respond me

He sell me the extension without the aia or block screen shot or how to use this extension…
he avoid my msg from many days…still no reply after seen my msg…

when i pay him i told him to provide me the aia…
if not atleast he shoud provide me the…block part screen shot…

please help me what to do…??

seller @Aditya_Singh

It has been 14 days i can’t use the extension…becouse i dont the how to do the block part of the extension…and no1 is there to help me…

I don’t know what is the problem with the extension developer, but if you want blocks for reference, then they are present in the topic itself :point_down:


Going by your screenshots it looks like you asked for an aia after paying him. If an aia wasn’t part of the original contract you have no cause for complaint.

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I never said I will provide AIA file with the extension, as the blocks are already posted in the main thread. If you are stuck in a problem, do ask and we are there to help.

So respected moderators, you can safely close this topic.

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No offense to anyone
But i believe as a developer u should provide support to your products
And at least at least u should have replied him even incase if u can’t help.
Because these are basic ethics that u should listen to the issues of your buyers, users etc.