.AIA/.apk to Web app converter

I want to convert my Kodular project to web app or a website please tell if its possible.
Thanks ( In advance )

Not possible in Kodular (for now.)

Why not convert your website in app? :thinking:

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And can I convert my Kodular project to Java and then integrate Java in HTML ?

And compile apk is in java format.
After that do what you want to do with it.
Java runs on server for backend like asp.net and php html css js runs on client side.
So you need to develop website.
If you want website with backend pm me

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You Can Use
Appetize io

Its for website to app

Trial Method :-
This Product Makes App run in browser-based Emulator ,You Can Add Your App In Appetize
And Use It And Share It

Example Test App Made With Kodular And Tested In appetize.io

Freemium Method :-
You Can Use Thunkable X To Build App And Publish As Web But You Need Paid Account For Publishing In web

Example This App Is Built With Thunkable X And Tested in Thunkable X Web Companion

  • Optional: This Method Needs Paid Account Of Thunkable X

  • Note:- This Link Is Generated In Free Account Of Thunkable X . If You Need Steps Reply Me

Both The Method are similar but Appetize.io Can Run Any APK Or PKG in Web But Thunkable Web Companion Can Only Run Thunkable X App

This Link Is Generated In Free Account in Thunkable.You Can Reply Me For Steps

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PHP run in Server Side :+1:

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Ya its autocomplete by custom keyboard in sequence.
Sometimes its irritating.

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