Aia. Chat Group problem with date Help

Hello community, I am new, someone could help me when I send messages in this project, the date and time are sent in a way that is not understood, I have tried everything but I cannot solve if someone helps me I would appreciate it very

welcome to the Community.

A small suggestion -
Rather providing .aia
Try to share Blocks.

Can you tell -
what messages are you sending
in which format it is sent
and in what format you desire it to be sent

Try using format date time from clock component and see what happens


Thank you very much friend, really thank you very much, I have spent 5 days without being able to solve the problems, your contribution helped me and I managed to change … I am happy thanks again … greetings from Ecuador

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Thank you very much friend, I wanted to send the message in a format that the data is understood and not a single code appears. Thank you … I managed to solve my problem thanks to the contribution of dora_paz

Thank you very much friend, it is true it is better to share the screenshots thanks for the advice :slight_smile: