Api not working, Please Help!

Hello, Koders.
I am working on a app and I am facing a issue with api.
It would be really appreciated if someone could help.
Thanks in Advance.

URL : https:///[email protected] (only two// not three///)


I will Update the block later, as required.

Isnt that a html ?

?? Sorry, I can’t get that

If you wanna get some info, please visit and check.
If you can help plz.

I think its an html , you can copy that code use inwebviewer load html component

okh, But That would require the user attention. i.e. user have to write in the form and then it would be submitted. I want to submit this form without user’s attention. such that User daily runtime analysis.
Hope u understand.

may be you can use some database components

Can U help me how?
[ Actually, My app has a redeem button, and I want that When user click on redeem button, I get notified with redeem amount. was a free open source api to receive such responses But unfortunately its not working for me…]
Please Help me out how can I achieve the above?

You can use airtable , when some amount is redeemed you can store that value in airtable . It have inbuilt app to get notified

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Thanks but, I wanna go with Mysql

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Ok , google spreadsheet also has the feature

Then, Plz let me know how to use google spreadsheet as database and also this alert feature plz

  1. Head to Tools - Notification rules set according to your need
  2. There are somany addons in spreadsheet they can help you
  3. also script editor

OR you can add values to any databases then if it is success you can send mail using extensions which are available here

avaiable here? where?

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