Airtable Data is not showing


I have connected my app with connected to airtable…But data from airtable is not showing in my exported apk…Please resolve this problem

Here is the link of my airtable

study_point.aia (4.0 MB)

I have also attached the aia file of my project which is connected to airtable

Anyone please tell how to resolve the problem…I have attached both aia and airtable link

Welcome to the community. Unfortunately your aia is problematic - it contains only assets so I could not check it. Seeing your airtable, I believe the problem is that you uploaded files - pdf’s to airtable. The best way is to upload them to cloudinary or google drive and save url’s to airtable

Please re-upload your aia file

blocks 4 blocks 5

Afterwards block…

blocks 2 blocks 3

Here is the blocks…Please check

blocks 6 blocks

Last pics of block

Anyone can resolve this problem…I have uploaded the link of my airtable and blocks above…Please check

Here is full Guide go and checkout you will definately learn new things :-

Thanks for the guide…But it doesn’t help me…Can u check my blocks and airtable

Check up, do you have any empty cell or row.
Also chk your sheet name, api id and all once again.

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Thank u everyone…But now my problem is solved

It would be nice to tell us what the problem was and the solution in order to help others in the community

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Thank u everyone for ur reply…But problem is in my base and I have switched to another account and it worked correctly

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This is what I quoted in the reply.

If would have checked it properly , then you might have come to know your mistake. If ac differs api id also will differ

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