Airtable Data List .Error

helo guys help me to create a list using with airtable.

i want to get highest score person name and thumbanil in top of the list.

now list is created like above block.

In airtable sort score column , since it is a number, from 9->1 . Then I believe when you call the records and add them to the list they will be sorted from higher to lowest score.

i don,t know how to sort . will you please give the block screenshot or example aia

See below image

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but that have a problemm . when it sort it out the row number all so change. i am using row id to update
user score.

when using this function how can i update a proper row by user.
one row is for one user

Then since you use row id to update user score, don’t sort it in airtable. Maybe you can use ListUtils extension from AppyBuilder to sort list in descending order

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