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after get all rows > resnonsContent
to make Separate list?
is it posible

i think got response is not a list, its look a like json format, you may need to try parse json after get content

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Yes get response doesn’t give a list.

But All Content in ResponsContent

Use get value.

It will give a list.

But when I request for multiple Column.

It takes longer.

So I wanted to choose this path

here is your solution,

blocks - 2019-12-27T171533.869

i successfully get Name of 2nd(tariq) for test
my airtable,


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because i have used index 1, and if i use index 0 then i will get for name Imran

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how to make list from above table as
tariq,wew,2 … like this in easiest and fast way using json, when we get all rows.

you have to parse json for that.


i want to get the list this above students, how can i get that using json

blocks (12)
It will return a list

blocks (13)

blocks (14)

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how can i convert this firebase value to
((aaaa 1111)(bbbbb 2222)(cccc 3333)(ddddd 4444))

how to this from above value is there any simple way

I tried to replace text but in result it got as above result but when this result set as list this doesnt work…

from this “[[“aaaa”,“1111”],[“bbbb”,“22222”],[“ccccc”,“3333”],[“dddd”,“44444”]]”
i want below result
(aaaa 1111)
(bbbb 2222)
(cccc 3333)
(dddd 4444)

like list in list and to use this inner list…

Here is your SOLUTION… :slightly_smiling_face:
Test.aia (447.6 KB)