Airtable Image URl not Showing ? in Dynamic Card View

Are you getting data from airtable ? Use Do it to debug your lists

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This is my aia File please help
PUBGTournamentV2_copy.aia (1.0 MB)

Airtable link-Sign up - Airtable

Why not try yourself. You got your advise.

Is this your own aia or did you get it somewhere else?

my own aia file

sorry … :pensive:

It seems you also have 2 accounts on the community. That is not allowed. Which one should i delete. This one or this one.

?..i don’t

I saw this in your aia file

i am confused what you Want to say?

It says the name of your developer account is flexstream10. If not you didn’t make this aia file.

I have Two Account on kodular Adcreativeart and Flexstream

So also on the community like i said.

yes i have also in community

Like i said you can only have one. Which should i delete.