Hi everyone, begging for help. I want to do it like this shown below image.
I am using Airtable. It might have been discussed here before but I can’t figure out applying those blocks. Must only appear details on each corresponding selection from step1 to step3…


use after selecting but how you want to show that? like give us a little details how you want to show it after picking first or show all at once

I think the way you have organized the table, each value corresponds to another one in the same row.

Maybe you only need one ListPicker.

When you select the first one, the second and third ones are in the same row.

I think I would use 3 Spreedsheet components, one for each column.

With each component you get each of the columns.

Element 1 in the first column corresponds to element 1 in the second column and element 1 in the third column.
If you select the 5th element in the first ListPicker, the 5th element in the second list corresponds to the value of the same row.

In short, each column you get is a list. If in list 1 you select object number 5, in the second and third list you must select element 5…

Each result of the second and third step can be shown on a label.

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Hi , I want it after each list picker.

Yes, but heres another thing, column 1 list have some duplicated vaue, and in the third column, as you can notice, each serial was seperated with a comma.I prefer, once I selected a duplicated value in column 1, it must show up in the list picker 2 the corresponding value for each selected value in column 1 and in listpicker 3, I wanted to pick a list of Serial thats why I seperated it with a comma. Thank you for the help