Airtable SetCell causing app to stop

I made an app where i update airtable data but its crashing when i use SetCell method

any solution please?

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try to debug and check if the spinner selection data or any data in the list is not passed empty

i checked, it pass 1 or 2 or 3. which will be the row.

and what about the list?

the list does not contain any empty item.

Is the column name proper? Make sure there is no space before and after the word ‘data’ in your Column name block. Check the same with your Airtable sheet.

i have checked, everything is correct

Set cell method sets a single cell, you are trying to add a list in it, try to convert the list into comma separated string.
And are you sure that airtable us causing your app to crash.

Thank you very much and

of course

Oh! I missed that point! :point_up: :open_mouth:

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