Airtable Update Row update all cells

i am having an error ,
i am using airtable update row feature ,
i just wan to update specific columns in a row but airtable update all columns of that row.
please help

There are many examples here in communnity… Airtable , Firebase , Camera , Wallpaper , Files , … Audio

No airtable threads posted here, do you have what you want?

i didn’t got my answer from community that’s why i am asking

Either use call spreadsheet. set cell block to update specific values or if you use update row by number you have to give values to all columns even the ones that you do not wish to change because it updates the hole given row data

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This information , is it ? :

1-new or ,
2-who uses airtable already knew ?
( reading and researching the posts )

🤷. …

Option 2 ( X )

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i think kodular should fix it , cuz updating 5 cells in a row will take time , but updating a row doesn’t take time ,
update a row should only update that columns which i want to update

Thank You :+1:

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You could try and see if it works for you and if delay is caused or not

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