Airtable value in notifier?

How can I get value from ColinTreeListView in notifier title of that specific index when extra button is clicked?

Hi @FahadAhmad,

There is event block called (when ColinTreeListView extra button clicked), inside it there is an orang parameter called (ElementIndex)

Move mouse on it then a two blocks will shown (Set) and (Get)

Drag (Get) block and drop it

This block is an index of element that have an extra button you clicked


That just returns index number, not value.

Or how to get value of that ElementIndex?

when you import a ColinTreeListView extension. there are two extensions appear under Extensions category.
There is one of them called ColinTreeListViewElements.

Use this one. You would find blocks related an elements functions. Like (Get Subtitle, Get SubText, … etc). most blocks need an Index.


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