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Hi, I’m Norwegian and use ÆØÅ in my alphabet and when I use my app I upload words containing the letters ÆØÅ.

But those letters becomes questionmarks, and I’ve been trying to find a solution for that, cuz now my childrens(7and9) are going to use my app, and it’s hard for them to read the whole word with questionmarks in it.

Before Kodular I used Thunkable, and also there in the community a while back I tried to use the WEB Encode and Decode function, and I’ve also tried the Replace text segment block, but I don’t get it to work.

Are there anyone who have blocks to show how it works?

Hi, what component are you using to display those letters?

I upload chores by using TextBox, when I download the chores from airtable I put it into a list.

Here I have a column called Arbeidsoppgaver, there it contains words with letter “ø”.

When the chores is done they can use the ExtraButton to upload for verification by a parent.

Then it will be shown here:

So, how to not let the letter “ø” become a questionmark, any idea?

FYI: The letters ÆØÅ is displaying perfect when downloading if I change the letters directly inside Airtable cells. So if I put the word “Lønn” inside a cell manually it also displays “Lønn” when Getting the data. So it’s the upload function that destroys the letter somehow.

Kodular uses the Airtable API, so it may be the cause of incorrect coding (If you change values ​​directly from the application)

What do you mean?

I don’t change anything, and it should work by replacing the text when uploading and again replace back when getting the data from airtable, but I havn’t got it to work :thinking:

What about making a personal encode-decode system? For example, you replace Å with ##a1##, Æ with ##a2## and so on.

I have tried, but don’t get it to work :thinking: You got any example? I can show blocks later on what I have tried, not at computer atm so.

please search in the community first. its already solved topic. Airtable Language Problem (Urdu - Hindi - Arabic)

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Maybe you can modify this to suit your needs:

Store the fireproof text, and show the antifired text.


Hmm, I will have a look, atm I can’t see how I can use this, ex how would I set this up?

Atm I’m again trying to replace letter in a word as @Robert wrote, but I’ve tried that before without getting it to work.

But every single tips or tricks are and will always be welcome :slight_smile: I always tries the tips :wink:

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I figured it out after a couple hours of testing back and forth :laughing:

The problem was solved by first to set the value into a label, then set global variable to the text from that label, see blocks:


Now it finally shows ÆØÅ :slight_smile:

Don’t know why it does not work directly with a Global Variable, maybe someone else have an answer to that :thinking:

Well, ty all for the tips :slight_smile:

FYI: I don’t know why my previous post was flagged as all I said was I’ve been searching the forum both here and in Thunkable community for hours, and in return I get the comment “Search forum first”. I don’t see anything wrong with that :thinking:
If I’m trying to develop new things into my app that I have not done before I always tries first, search forums and tries my best to figure out on my own before posting topics. But I’ve seen it’s become a trend to comment “Search forum first” on topics, so I guess it’s a new thing to do?

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Generating hashes are expensive operations.

I know they are expensive operations, but not too much to be unusable in case of SHA1. Fireproofing a small string takes ~25ms on my device. :slight_smile:

@Choofa Glad to hear that you got it working! I myself use the procedure with Firebase (hence the name). I store values in fireproof("tagName"), and fetch with that. To show tagName on the screen, I use antifire (otherwise the hashes would be shown onscreen). The upcasing and hashing makes the procedure foolproof.

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