Alarm app issues

I’ve been creating an alarm app. This app has 10 alarms that can be set and then sent to an actual alarm made with Arduino (the phone doesn’t ring). How can I make the 10 different selections for the 10 alarms without repeating blocks? My current solution is to have an arrangement containing all the components I need to set time and days, and then copy that arrangement 10 times to have the 10 different alarm selections. The problem is that each of the arrangements needs its own set of blocks that’s just a copy of the blocks related to the first arrangement with a few values changed.
Is there a way to not repeat over and over? Or to copy blocks easier? I’m almost 50% done copying the blocks, and it’s lagging quite a lot already.

Use dynamic components and the any blocks that are at the bottom of the blocks view

Or you can use Procedures to avoid repeating the blocks :point_down:

For more info :point_down:

Procedures - Kodular Docs

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