Alarm manager extension not working

Hello, i am a premium kodular user and i am facing a big problem from many days i am using alarm manager extension from taifun but after dragging it the app is not compiling.
Please help if possible,

These are the list of extension i use

And this is the error i am getting please help

You should apply for direct help from extention developer.

i already did but he said to post it here so i did

this was my answer I sent you by email, I will now copy it here into this thread again, so one of the moderators probably is able to help for your ApkBuilder failed error and your project…

After trying to build the example project you have seen, that it builds fine, which means it is not an issue with the extension

There is something in your project, which prevents it from building… and if you would click VIEW LOG and post it in the community we knew more… there are people in the community who know more about the different compile errors than me (for example @dora_paz or @Boban) and they know what needs to be done … so why wasting time? Just by guessing we will not find the issue…


  1. click VIEW LOG and post a screenshot in the community
  2. provide a list of all extensions you are using
  3. describe your project and let them know everything which might help to find the issue, for example number of screens, assets, how many blocks, etc
  4. tell them, that you are premium user
  5. but do NOT post your aia file there, this would be against my T&C… if a moderator asks you for that, then send it in a PM - personal message


Something I do when adding new aix and it won’t compile is starting a new project.

Add first the new aix, then see if it compiles with only that.
If it compiles, then you should start adding 1 by 1 the other aix, and compile after each aix added. Then you will eventually find out which aix the new aix crashes with. Remember to drag the extension to project(screen) also, not only adding aix.

Most of the time when adding new aix and there is compiling error, it’s caused by two aix using same library.

Hope it helps, and it sounds like a big job doing this, but it only takes a few minutes.

Good luck, hope you will find a solution :blush: