ALERT :: Airtable Text limited to 200 Text

Alerts for Airtable as Database user. Airtable updated

Long Text

Limit decreased to 200 Words if you using as database in joint base then take an action to avoid loss your important data.

Airtable doesn’t have work limit, it has record limits on free account.

Free account limit :
Airtable is free as long as none of your bases contain more than 1,200 records and 2GB of attachments.

For more info visit :
Airtable plans – Airtable Support.

This is not a guide so I am changing topic category from #guides to #discuss

Can you please tell me how you know this like email or any website ?

Currently i am working on airtable but it can not accepting above 200 Words in long text. its accept below or on 200 words only. If you try then they cannot show any response if your length of words is 200+. Try your self. it’s almost 2days to finding solution but solution.

My project is confidential else ill give you aia. Try your self.

Check and confirm that I am not facing this word limit problem.

i am more then 30000 words on single column, you can check my apk -

I used HTML Words to display text and it contain 30000 words in each column

How did you post your text using Api or manually? I am using Api to post text.
Manually working but not in api

Try using Api. 2days of work stuck on this.

Show your blocks


After lots of modification set text limited to 200
if i change to 201 then no response and not posting in airtable

From airtable , the limit is 100.000 characters


Finding my fault update you soon.