Alert not Working For Exit

These are my Blocks.

When Clicked Exit on Screen1, Notifier is not showing.

How can I fix this.(.apk attached)
MY-APP.apk (5.7 MB)

It works perfectly in my device. I pressed “Yes”, it closed the app.

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Great to Hear,can you clarify What text the cancel Button is replaced with?
It looks like something, iPTAL…

Is it Cancel in Turkish?

Yes “İptal” means “Cancel” in Turkish.
Because you are enabled cancelable feature. So Notifier’s Cancel text is my own language.

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Works perfectly on mine.
Maybe you can try this…

By the way, what is the font that you are using ?


If you’re talking about the font of @yusufcihan, its Product Sans
But we can’t use it in applications because it’s google’s property

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No no, I installed Product Sans font zip via custom recovery. So every text including Android itself showing with Product Sans.

So this is not developer’s fault. :wink:

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Oh ok, didn’t know that.
Thanks @Franck_G28

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The Font I’m Using is Geomanist.

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