All ads extension ironsource,admob,unity,max ads, available

why kodular community my all ads extension block post remove
all ads extension available
per extension price 2$

We mods apologize so much for this however, you can start by editing your post and changing to Kodular blocks…

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Thanks for reply

My apologies, once you edit your posts it will be listed

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Since the blocks you posted all were of android builder

Also instead of just extensions it would clear my doubt on you could you show blocks pics ?

Is this allowed @Moderators ??

Best free admob extensions from this man @oseamiya


Flag the post and find out.


Removal of your posts was not a mistake

I wonder what was need for mods to apologize :no_mouth:

The blocks you mentioned were of android builder the demo video you mentioned was of Android Builder, you have no development history in past and what not?

ref :

No unnecessary flagging please.

P.S. It may result in that you as a flagger get flagged, silenced etc instead…

Hello, Aj from Android Builder Team here,

This guy is suspected to be misusing our components for commercial purposes.

From his Posts:

[Only 2$] Ironsource Ads extensions : Monetization made easy (for kodular premium) - Extensions - Kodular Community

Android Builder blocks


If anyone of moderators wants to verify authenticity he can visit our website

The aix mentioned in post by him are full same with Android Builder Components…
(Appnext Ads, Max Ads are not possible for Kodular due to lack of aar support)

I hereby request the moderators to verify the authenticity of this person and ensure that no one is befrauded in this community

PS: On enquiring him he started abusing
(Android Builder Team)

He assumes me to be anshuman
who is he?

PS : :slight_smile: he himself accepted of decompiling

Well, its me

sad to know we get abused for enquiring