All In One Video Download app - Paid aia

App Name: All In One Video Downloader

Platform: Kodular

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  1. Best Icon and splash screen
  2. Show WhatsApp status video from our WhatsApp having play, stop, save and share option
  3. download video from Tik Tok, Twiter, Instagram and Facebook
  4. Sound Saver is used to downloading music from Tik Tok
  5. Download screen show video download with this app with title and the app name from which it downloads
  6. This video opens in the external video player
  7. Also shows music download from Tik Tok
  8. this music plays in-app
  9. More Apps
  10. Share with friends
  11. Rate this app
  12. Guide video
  13. How to use this apps instruction
  14. Contact us
  15. about us
  16. privacy policy
  17. Best Ui
  18. Test Ads

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aia file price: 200 RS or 3 $

aia file available on :

Developer : Aj Developer and aiacart

Thanks Kodular !

Note: This app does not suspend in play store because we don’t add youtube video download in it. All same app have you tub video download in it so that it suspends in play store. The play store does not accept youtube video downloader app. If anyone wants youtube download option in it please contact us…

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Can u add this feature when link is copied app gets automatically opened…one thing is also missing link cannot be shared too app directly through another app

This is currently not available on Kodular because this function needs app to be run in background.

but link sharing is available…

Yes, sharing is available

Can u pls tell about how u made bottom bar and swipe download section…