All my projects which use File Component are broken due to this new update

Facebook ads don’t work properly either. Also, why didn’t you put Admob component into your app in the first place? Kodular mentioned months ago it would be deprecated.

Hopefully Kodular can help you, but if they can’t then you’ll need to rebuild the app.

I real need kodular staff to help me on this because rebuilding again is like a punishment to me

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Hopefully they will help you, but you really brought it upon yourself knowing full well that Admob would be deprecated.

Ok I am wrong kindly let me wait for kodular staff to have mercy on me for only this project

I hope it works out for you and they can do something.

I am having the same issue. I had over 500 blocks on screen1 of my project. And over 70% of them are gone. I had an admob banner ad component in my app and was going to remove it soon, but now, I’ve lost my almost 1 year’s progress. Is there any way to open the project aia in an older version of kodular like 1.5.3? I hope Kodular can resolve this issue soon.

it is too sad I am waiting for kodular staff to help me and you as well

I’m in the same case. My project lost 95% of blocks. The backup copy too. When select project, a message appears said this.

In the SCREEN1 I did not lose blocks. Only 3 same blocks of texts.

Can’t load the component.

So, must be there, still.

Hopefully they can help us.

let us wait for them to come

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Continuing the discussion from All my projects which use File Component are broken due to this new update:

I’m in the same case, since about 9 hours ago, clean all screen1 (include designer & block), but same warning,
“The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 59769574370xxxxx_Screen1 will not be saved.”

Delete Pallete “File”, but same warning

It’s resolved (but i cannot use Palette “File”, same for all backup, even for new project .aia). for 10 hours of work. error In the “File” palette. I delete “File” then open the “.bky” file (which is contained in the .aia file with notepad) in my case it’s Screen1.bky and look for statements related to “File” then delete it. Then save and re-upload the .aia file.

note: before it’s resolved, i open all my backup .aia, but all have warning and error.

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I am in a very similar situation: all of a sudden, YESTERDAY a big project I’ve been build for more than a year started to throw 3 or 4 "blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen “_Screen1 will not be saved” errors (where “” is a huge number like 5639362068873216…)
I remember yesterday I’ve got a message Kodular was being upgraded to 1.5.5.

Several blocks and variables are missing.

IDE ( reports 3 warnings and 33+ errors.

It happens in a project that had no issue, including previous versions that were error/warning free.

Is that related to 1.5.5 version? If so, is it possible to downgrade to some previous version?

So, now I have this project not working, including ancient versions, and I do not even know why and how to cope with this.

I really hope Kodular staff comes to give us support.

It’s not a little project:

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I have solved it by using this method though Kodular staff should fix the File Component else at this moment we can use this trick to solve it

1. download your broken project aia
2. open it with Archieve
3. then find two files named Screen1.scm and Screen1.bky
4. start editing Screen1.scm

try finding the work file1 then you will get this path {"$Name":"File1","$Type":"File","$Version":"7","Uuid":"-506509379"}, the delete that part

if you are not able to solve it just send me you two files the Screen1.scm and Screen1.bky I will edit them and send you to replace them in your aia then everything will work for you.
if I get time I will create the video on how to solve it


try my method or send me your two files Screen1.scm and Screen1.bky I will fix them then send then you will have to replace them in your aia then everything will be fine

I didn’t get you clear!

Fenix version 1.5.4

I think I was confused, anyway I meant to restore the old version and not to fix it :rofl:

Are you really sure that the file component is the cause to it

My project also uses file component, but there are errors not related to it.

Here is an example of something not related to file component:


Both procedure “enviaComandoParaMestre” and global variable “stringAEnviarParaMestre” are reported as missing… but both are declared in Screen1.bky file.