All Textbox display 0 on initialisation

hello, I do not know what is happening on my application, all the textboxes display the value of 0 without my asking for it during initialization. do you know what may be causing this?

Could not replicate error @Daniel_Pelissier maybe this is related to your previous post No empty textbox ? Post a test aia that shows this behavior

I try but de l’été chose blocks and now thé pb is still there :slightly_frowning_face:. IS there a way to de l’été this fonction ?

It happens on initialisation screen

Without seeing your initialize blocks or your designer’s properties I can not be sure what causes this behavior

i deleted the project and made copy paste with the zips. he didn’t want to load it because there were too many images. I have emptied the assets and reloaded them at the moment. I think it will work