An Another Exporting Error! 😥

Hi Koders,
Here I m again in trouble with a compiling Error of The Apk. I hope that someone will help me this time with Successfully Resolved my problem. :heart_eyes:

Here’s The Error Log :


Show your blocks

Is there an If Else error?

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Not Their’s No If Else Error!

Send me the AIA if you like

Sorry! I can’t Share Aia Files

did you used this block

if yes then check it around

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No, Not even a single Time

then i go with cian , the error is with if else

Let me check

Here’s My Blocks of If Else

Did you try to disable them and export the app?
If you didn’t, try it and see if it works.

You know there is a tool to make better screenshots


to take quick screen shot just press the “Prtsc” (Print screen key) from your keyboard and then just press ctrl+v in reply box, it will paste your image automatically

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Yes I know but was creating Post from my Mobile Device so i used my phone’s Camera.

Probably there is no error in your app. I just now exported my project but us showed error but my error log was not that big , builder said that the compiler failed but there is no error in my code

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Is Their any Other way to Export it Successfully :question:

@Peter, Helps me, Can u Catch The error!

One Anoying Thing Happened That I tried to export with No Blocks in Project, Then Even it’s giving the same Error Log.

@Deepanshu_Arya & @cian You Were Saying Error With Some List Blocks which even with empty block the same error log is here.

Send me the AIA with nno block please

Sorry! I will attach it but now it will export Successful after Deleting SwipeCardView Extension form The project with no blocks in project.

EDIT: I will add aia soon