Android 11 - Activity Starter issue

@Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki is Right He is Not also randomly sending it yes if it is a bug then change it to #feedback:bugs

Activity Stater Is working properly For me on Android 11

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You can’t determine if it is a bug until it doesn’t work for all users but, as @Enderman stated, it works for him and me too then, its not a bug but, it must be in discuss category

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@Lollipop I suggest you to show your blocks if you want us to help you finely

I don’t say it is a bug, I asked him, If he let this is a bug then post it there.

Because, as he describe in the #1 Post it seems like a bug for him.

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@Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki It was already in bug, discuss, help
Activity Starter on android 11 to open pdf working for you?

@Lollipop post an apk replicating your issue, so we can check and let you know.

I have a Device running Android 11, I can check.

Also don’t forgot to post blocks related to the activity starter.

AFAIK, it should be file:// double forward slash.

I had tried file:// but didn’t work, file:/ works, i have 5k download, 212 review, but no one complained, issue started after 5th may.
can you test apk?

Update 1, I tested file:// ,result - did not work

Images could not be loaded.

Edit: working in dark theme

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This apk is working for me.

Device : Xioami MI A3 - Android 11


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Thank you, Google PDF viewer is creating problem.
Works fine with other pdf reader, such as Adobe

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This also works but pdf open in read only format.
I need write ability as well.

You need WRITE permsission for that.
Note: This won’t work when Kodular targets API 30 (Aug 2021).

Use the ASD.

It has lot of files, which can take upto 1-2gb, deleting app will delete asd files right?

When I updated to Android 11 I found that some apps were saving files in phone storage while some in sd card.I found it totally unpredictable.


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Opening in pdf in gdrive pdf viewer causes issue. ( Atleast in my device, android 11 )