Animated background

If you want to create a animated background you can use the following blocks.

You can extract an animated gif into separate frames and rotate through them. The blocks are an example of how it may look. It is a gif that had 53 frames.

Here a couple of the images.

spider-0 spider-1 spider-2 spider-3 spider-4


I will attach the aia so you can see how the animation looks on your phone.

animatedbackground.aia (433.3 KB)

This is how it looks in the app.


Peter. Your logics really awesome. I am a big fan of your Koding. Thank you for the guides…


TLDR (actually not, expected 53 images), :spider: SPIDERS.

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How can I export all images from a gif file?

You can use any GIF Extractor or Splitter type services available online like:


Is there any way to upload a large number of images to Kodular? Because I have 100 frames (which are 100 pictures)

PS: yes, searching the community can help…


cool thing

thanks man nice one

Thank you…

This method is also applicable for animating sprites. You change the block Screen1.BackgroundImage for ImageSprite.Picture.

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And how can I show the images faster? Because the gif works but it goes very slowly, I want less time between frames.

You can show the image faster by setting the clock timer to 10-50 range