Animation icon title side menu

Hi I am trying to do the animation of the icon of title bar to open side menu


when you are opening the side menu the icon title is in rotation but I can’t make it, is it possible?


Which side menu do you use as there are two

side menu layout… This is in layout, navigation, side menu layout

The integrated Side Menu component already has that effect, unless you use a custom title bar

Yes, I am using an own title bar so I added the same icon and I want the same animation, is this posible?

I think in that case no longer

I don’t know for sure, since I don’t use the side menu

In that case use Animation Utilities and rotation block


I guess it’s an option, unless the rotation is according to “how much is open” the menu :thinking:

Exactly I want that, that it depends of “how much is open” the menu

Maybe this extension can help

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There are so many extensions this days you can’t keep track of all them, always the right one that slips away :grin:

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It is always best to use an internal component instead of an extension if the behavior you want is already available.


Lottiefiles could be another best option to make something animating