Any button crashes the companion

today i wanna develop my app and tested it with the companion, but if i click a button the companion crashes ( no crash report in the builder) after reopening the companion i get a send crash report notifier(crash report sended)
i also tried so delete all data from the companion app( inn android settings)
my app works perfect as a apk

This is not much info to help you with. Show some blocks or tell what your app does. Extension etc. etc.

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there is nothing more to say i done nothing new (it is my bee merger app) (dont wanna show any blocks) thats why i thought maybe the crash report will help

But you didn’t show your crash report here.

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read this here

can you show your blocks please

Just show us the blocks under the button you clicked to see what’s wrong.

thats the problem it does nothing just count a variable up by one and it happens with every button no matter what it does ( works fine in apk )

Show us your blocks and well help.

i know this want help at all but here for you all

Technically you’re not even saving the variable, youre just setting it.

i know thats not the point

post a small aia where this occurs so we can test here.

restarted compaion for the 50th time and now it magicaly works again ( nothing changed )


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