Any good scroll handler?

Are there any good extensions for scroll handlers.
Colin tree’s is full of bugs
and sunny gupta’s doesnt have a reach bottom event and also the max scroll position is buggy.

I get a difference of 300-400 always and it isnt constant across all devices so i cannot use it.
Please help me.

I use them both, just because i had a problem like u. I use “max scroll position” from Colin tree extension, working with sunny gupta extension.

But if i use two fingers on the scroll view it closes the app

I was checking it before and it worked fine. But, you are right, my app is closing. :smile: :smile:
I have an idea for the solution, have to check it …

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I thought changing the ID of Scroll Arrangement with the help of Dynamic Components extension would make the arrangement unregistered. It doesn’t work.

Registering another Scroll Arrangement over the main I use doesn’t fix the issue as well.

Oops, that’s bad. It looks like we have to invent simple math formula for the max scroll position with the help of extension/component that can measure bottom and top positions of arrangement.

That’s better than nothing.

There’s simple solution for calculation of max scroll position. I just made a simple UI with a function to set random heights to Scroll Arrangement and its content.

The calculation of Max Scroll Position of the simple math formula difference from extension Max Scroll position ALWAYS by 4. It looks like margins or paddings of components have to be included. Here it is:

I’ve been using Colin Tree’s without issue but hadn’t thought about two-finger scrolling… mine crashes too. I just need it to turn off scrolling when my FAB menu is open. Got Sunny Gupta’s to work… Miss the fading edges on the other one though. Looked better.

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it might be a good idea to contact Colintree, so he is aware of that issue and probably can fix it… Open Source App Inventor eXtensions · GitHub



this issue probably existed right from the beginning and colin tree must be aware of it.

I added a new issue to the repository. We’ll see if it’s corrected.