Any Horizontal Arrangement Long Click Action || Need Help

Hello, experts I hope you are fine.

I need help from you. Now I am working on a project in kodular.
I have created sticky news at the top. I have created 10 arrangements in the app. After image loading, I give one image to every 10 arrangements. And after every 3 seconds, the image’s horizontal arrangement is changed to the next arrangement.
Now I want to hold this image like when the user Long click on any Horizontal arrangement like from 10 that I have created, the timer will remain paused when the user holds click on the image arrangement.
I am waiting for your response.

if you use flip image, then better look relevant blocks in it r else use this block

when ths event triggered, set clock1 timer to false…(use another clock with minimum 3 or 5 second interval)and clock2 to timer true… once clock2 timer starts, set it to false and let the clock1 to timer from the existing values

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