Any ideas to improve the appearance of my quiz?

I’m developing this quiz app.

I would like your opinion to know if it was good or if I need to improve on something.

I’m still developing the main screen, result and ranking.

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Try to have questions in few lines … Do not make scrollable, user will lost their interest.

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UI It’s not bad. :+1::grin:
But take a look here maybe it will help you.

  • Button Sair , maybe need to change the size of the exit button…:+1:
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I’ll try to narrow down the questions.

the app will be for people who are going to take entrance exams for public / private universities, so some questions will be too big to have the complete content.

But I’ll try to reduce it, thanks a lot for the tip.

I look at this site a lot to get ideas, but my main inspiration was this one.

really, it was disproportionate. I will make the adjustment, thank you very much.

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I think it is a nice UI. Nothing is really bad.
May be a few ajustments like a different font, a different effect when the user click the option or others small details. But the app is nice.
You could show others screens too, this is very good.

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Add a little delay before the wrong answer, it’s a bit shocking to show the error right away, it builds suspense, the design isn’t bad, just a lot of text, but if the app is functional it’s fine. I guess it should be reusable and the questions/answers are in a cloud DB.

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can you tell me a nice font?

Soon I will be finishing the other screens and will be sharing.

Thanks a lot for the tips.

I will be putting the delay on the incorrect answer as you informed me.

I use airtable, I have a base of 30 questions for each category and the app randomly chooses 10 so they don’t always stay the same.

Thank you for the tip.

could you explain to me how I could create a delay?

should wear the watch, right?
but I do not know how.


these are my blocks that determine the color of the answers.