Any short block for this one?

One of the feature of my Soundpad is that you can play 36 pads simultan. :grin:


Can you show how would you do that with blocks?

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Problem Solved I combined the two solutions…Its still not very efficient but way better than before - Looping through all the image in a particular HV should solve the problem which is not possible for now i guess…Is there any extension for performing such looping?
Thank You Every One


Did you fix the error its says? You cannot define the components there

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Intialize global variable to empty. Then in screen initialize set global variable to your list. This way it should work without error.


Its not giving me any error though its showing error…hehe

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Can you please confirm?

So you can put your components in a list and then set the parameters through a loop function?

That is cool, as I thought that would be the problem. Man oh man you can do so much if that logic works.

Scroll down where it says Correct Definition vs wrong


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Yes Of course