Any suggestion for this block

Hello Kodular Community Hope everyone doing fine
Please help me to solve this any suggestion I’m really confused on Google ads manager blocks related to admob

What are you trying to do? This block is absolutely unecessary and doesn’t relate with Google ad manager.

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I’m trying to do is…
When Study1 click show interstitial ad
When interstitial ad closed open another screen

I’m confused

Remove all the yellow blocks. Instead add one clock component . If you know timing of the add just set the duration as this clock interval say 5000 for 5sec. And add clock timer enabled to true (all should come in this button click)

When clock timer
Set clock timer enabled to false and add the above close and open screen yellow block

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Is it legal to do this and please can you show me in blocks if possible

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Thank you i will check it after that i will mark this as a solution :grinning:

Didn’t help the screen is automatically open without my click :thinking:

you must untick the timer enabled and time always frie from designer part

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It means i have 20 Quiz screen (20 button)

then i have to add 20 clocks the app will be crashed :upside_down_face:

Why 20 times? Just put the blocks in procedure and call wherever it is needed

Do not use more more screen, instead try with different arrangements

Put the button component and screen names in different global variable as a list and use when any button clicked… it will work like charm and no need to add 20 times button clicked blocks


Ok i will try :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it ok?

If i give you my aia file can you fix it if you have time and if it is possible please :pray:

Let me try to explain verbally from what @Still-learning said.

  1. Create a global variable with the make a list block. The list must be up to the number of buttons you have. Now for each of the button in the blocks section click on button 1 and select the last block, and add it to the global variable you created- do it for the remaining 19 buttons. Now you have a list of all button components.
  2. Create another global variable with make a list block. The list must be up to the number of screens you have (20). Now for each of the list in the make a list block, add the names of the screen. Now we have a list of all screens.
  3. In the block section scroll down, you’ll see any component- collapse it any you’ll see alot of component there. Now select any button from the list. Now select when any button click block. The next thing to do is to drag and place the if block inside the any button click. Now use is in list block, to check if component (use the component on the any button click) is in list of the global button you created. If true then you’ll use index is in list block, add the component and the global variable of the created button list. Now you can get the position of the button you want and as well you can open another screen with the known position. After that you’ll now use the block you’ve created before to open another screen- from the global variable you created for screen, you’ll say select list item add the global screen to the the item socket the the position of the button we got earlier.

I hope you understand this logic. Am not on PC if not I would have done it for you.


This will help
here i used five buttons, since you need 20 just add to it same as screens.

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Thank you :blush:

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